shutterstock_127132946 Marine

There may be significant differences in size and usage but all marine vessels, boats and offshore oil rigs have one thing in common, an absolute commitment to avoiding an accident or fire on board…Read More

shutterstock_149100686 Offshore (Oil & Gas)

The offshore industry continues to invest on safety, skills and training to ensure that safety is the top priority. The challenge is to improve safety and eliminate accidents in that case …Read More

shutterstock_83171149 Onshore (Oil & Gas)

Safety is a main concern for any onshore facility. Over the years, the regulatory bodies in the region formed a set of regulations, standards and guidelines to reduce risk…Read More

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The cornerstone of any successful economy is having its manufacturing industry running 24/7. The downside is that this often includes the use of flammable liquids and materials …Read More

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Residential, commercial and public property all contain highly important assets in need of fire protection, most significantly the people that live, work and move within them…¬†Read More

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Getting people and product from A to B is an essential part of the modern world, even more ¬†important is ensuring this is done safely for driver and passengers alike in environments where….Read More