Rig monitoring system ( electronic drill recorder system)

RigMinder© provides a complete full rig monitoring package and depth tracking / logging / presentation software package specifically engineered for critical drilling operations with uncluttered, user friendly, screen interfaces. These systems are designed around a modular concept creating a system capable of operating independently or as one unit. This approach allows the operator to pick components best suited to meet their needs. RigMinder delivers a complete package with all necessary sensors, wires and adapters to ensure proper integration with your drilling equipment.

Electronic Drill recorder System (EDR)

The Rigminder Electronic Drill Recorder System (EDR) is a complete but customizable monitoring system for your drilling rigs.

System Design

  • Modular – Easily customizable for customer requirements
  • “One Sensor – One Wire” – Faster installation and lower maintenance

System Ownership

  • Increases revenue by reducing recurring expenses

First Class Customer Support

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Field support available on request
  • Remote support
RigMinder provides a variety of services including Rental, Custom Development packages and Training. RigMinder specializes in the development of custom surface equipment for your downhole tools.


RigMinder offers a variety of training to suit your specific needs. Training classes can be provided at our facility or yours as well as on site.

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