Solas Approved Lifejackets which fully comply with the requirements of the latest regulations (IMO Regulations) with ergonomic design which allow them to adjust easily to every size, suitable for all weather conditions are supplied by us. We supply brands like Eval, Nautilus, Besto.
Normal Lifejacket and Inflatable Lifejackets are available.

Firemans Suit

We supply Firemans suit of the brand PG Products-UK.
They are Marine firefighters suits designed and manufactured to comply with the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) standards and the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) Convention. High quality, comfortable and meeting all the necessary marine compliance standards.
Fireguard( Yellow color outfit) and Flame Guard( Silver color outfit) and chemical suits are all manufactured by PG Products.

Immersion Suit

We supply Immersion suits of the brand NAUTILUS ZHBFK immersion suit is designed and produced according to the standards of the “Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)”(1974), its Amendment (1996) and MSC.81 (70) entitled “Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances”. It is prepared for the operation persons on the ship or on the platform over the sea as a special overcoat for life-saving and thermal insulation when they are in the cold-water area or in the adverse circumstances. It is made of waterproof cloth and thermal insulation floating materials.